Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Genève GPHG 2017 - Steel Armure Anima

We are delighted to announce that the STEEL ARMURE ANIMA has been pre-selected by the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève and will be competing in the Petite Aiguille category.



No gaskets? How can that work? It works really?
Well yes it does. It depends on precision machining, and doesn't deteriorate with time as gaskets do. Let's take a closer look.

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Classic Steel Armure

I have followed the progress of the company for the last few years and am very impressed with what they have accomplished. Certainly their Classic Steel Amure collection of watches are very sophisticated and for what you get realistically priced.

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Introducing the Steel Armure

During this years Baselworld I had the pleasure of meeting Christophe Musy, co-founder of Mauron Musy to have a look at the brands current and new collection.

You have already read about the Marmak, the brands 2017 novelty, in one of our articles published during the fair, but in this article I want to give a short information about the brand, as well as their first timepiece - the Steel Armure.

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Classic Steel Amure

I have followed the progress of the company for the last few years and am very impressed with what they have accomplished. Certainly their Classic Steel Amure collection of watches are very sophisticated and for what you get realistically priced.

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The MAURON MUSY Classic Steel Armure has been rewarded with the well-respected GERMAN DESIGN AWARD with a SPECIAL MENTION within the category Luxury Goods.


Le Off des Indépendants

Discover our timepieces in the famous jewelry FRERET-ROY in Paris during the exhibition "Le Off des Indépendants" (November 16 to December 24).


30 Rue Danielle Casanova
75002 Paris


Classic Steel Armure Watch Review

Having seen the turbulent recent years of the watch industry, it sure takes some admirable self-confidence to start a watch brand from scratch. Arguably, one would need a solid starting idea, a unique selling point, coherent and powerful design DNA, a decent movement... all offered at a competitive price. In an effort to tick all of these boxes, the Mauron Musy Classic Steel Armure marks the first collection of this new company that was established by two engineers, Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy. Let's see how this new piece of "Armor" fairs in battle.

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Fréret-Roy, Paris

MAURON MUSY est désormais présent à PARIS à l'angle de la place Vendôme dans la célèbre bijouterie MONTRES ET MERVEILLES de Monsieur Michel FRERET-ROY. A découvrir en exclusivité dès maintenant!


La technologie d’étanchéité sans joint

Mauron Musy, ce nom ne vous dit sûrement pas grand chose, mais ce n’est qu’une question de temps pour qu’ils se fassent connaître ! « Ok, mais pourquoi ? » me diriez-vous, simplement grâce à leur système d’étanchéité nO-Ring® qu’ils ont intégrés à leur montre, la Steel Armure qui a fait ses débuts lors du Baselworld 2016. Mauron Musy se veut une entreprise locale et familiale. Présentation de cette marque atypique.

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A chat with Mauron Musy

We have never really worn watch before Mauron Musy. Our passion has begun very late. We are two precision mechanics and we love mechanical watches. Eric manufactures with his other company many component for Swiss watchmaking. When we decided to make our own watches, we thought to only make them for our friends! That was 3 years ago.

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Mauron Musy - 24 Hours with Mauron Musy

24 Hours with Mauron Musy

The brand’s name Mauron Musy is comprised of two second names. Christophe Musy and Eric Mauron met as colleagues and became something more important: today they are a manufacture and a family, a father-in-law and a son-in-law. They spent 2 years working on a unique technology which has no rivals on the market. In 2016 new Armure collection was presented at Baselworld. 6 avant-garde watches in steel were made with a personal touch and mirror the individuality of the independent manufacture watchmakers.



The most important thing is to exercise caution and secure the future of our small company. Our targets are realistic and were set with a view to the current global situation. Mauron Musy is set to have a peaceful, calm year, unlike larger structures which are facing countless risks. We’re studying a number of distribution and communications networks. Since our marketing budget is very limited, we give priority to the Web, with its strong potential. Our innovative nO-Ring and the fact that our watch is gasket-free have also got people talking about Mauron Musy. As for the markets, we’re still feeling our way around, but we’ve had excellent feedback from Scandinavia, Russia and the US.

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The pinnacle of the watchmaker’s art

In June 2013, Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy, two men who are both passionate about watchmaking micro-mechanics, set up Mauron Musy, their own brand of avant-garde timepieces. in the heart of Switzerland’s renowned Broye Valley, a cradle of watchmaking. We meet these two men of ideas.....


Mauron Musy - INNOVATION


On n’est jamais intelligent tout seul
En horlogerie comme ailleurs, l’innovation s’inspire toujours des avancées d’autrui. C’est ainsi que le silicium, objet de toutes les révolutions dans le petit monde des garde- temps, est utilisé depuis des dizaines d’années en électronique; les nanofibres de carbone de l’industrie automobile, le titane des technologies médicales ou encore la céramique du domaine aéronautique font également les beaux jours d’une branche portée tout autant par la tradition que par la nouveauté.

Ce qui est vrai des matériaux l’est aussi de l’architecture des composants. Mécaniciens de précision, Eric Mauron et Christophe Musy se sont mis en tête d’appliquer à l’horlogerie des principes d’étanchéité bien connus dans leur secteur d’activité, libérant ainsi le boîtier de ses joints, de ses colles et même de ses vis. Les différents éléments glace, fond, carrure et lunette sont maintenus sous pression grâce à des ressorts et à des charnières fonctionnant sur le principe des brides de serrage. Résultat: plus de joints à changer et une couronne utilisable sous l’eau! Les montres Mauron-Musy, ici la Black Steel Armure équipée d’un mouvement Eterna, semblent avoir de beaux jours devant elles.

Article paru dans l'hebdo le 9 avril 2015.


Redefining water resistance

Swiss brand Mauron Musy has produced the only "gasket-free direct-seal" watch in the world, meaning their watches should stay dryer for longer.

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Usually when we talk of “complications” in the watch industry we speak of added features to the movement of a watch beyond simply telling the hour and minutes. The most common complications are chronograph features, alarms, and automatic movements. All of those added features are found within the watch. And all of them would be useless if the watch does not have a proper "external complication": water resistance.

Christophe Musy and Eric Mauron, the gentlemen behind Mauron Musy have gone that route. They have developed an innovative twist to their watch cases, which they consider an “external” complication. Their starting point was to go back to basics, not looking to make a movement more complicated, but to protect it from complications that would arise from water exposure.

Traditionally water resistance is achieved by using synthetic gaskets, which of course have a limited lifespan and lose their functionality over time and need replacement. But that is not the only problem.

As many of you might already know, the water resistance that is listed on a dial does not represent the real water resistance of a watch. This is because when brands test for water resistance, it is done in ideal conditions: a fresh gasket, still water and a stable temperature.

So what happens when you wear your 50m water resistant watch – which you have owned for many years - while going for a swim in warm waters during vacation? Sometimes you might be surprised at what you find: condensation, or even worse, water under the glass.

In short, just because a watch says it is 50m water resistant does not at all mean that you can go diving with it to a depth of 50m. More likely you can take a shower with it on, assuming you do not put it directly under the faucet for a longer period of time.

After two years of hard work, Musy and Mauron produced the first prototype of a watch whose water resistance no longer depended on gaskets. Their patented system of water resistance is simple in practice but difficult to perfectly execute. The principle is based on clamp fixing technology. Somewhat simplifying their innovation, it means the inner case of a watch is made of several segments linked by hinges, which vertically clamp the case back, ring and crystal.

The end result means that their cases have no clamping screws and therefore do not deform. Water resistance is also helped by the fact that all the component surfaces are hardened and flattened. The crown also works on the principle of direct water resistance, because the stem is pushed through a ring with an infinitely small clearance, not giving water a chance to seep in.

Having ensured that you will not have to visit your watchmaker to have your gaskets replaced to ensure water resistance, MauronMusy then designed typical Swiss-made watches with fine mechanical movements and quality technical design.

To date, their collection includes the Steel Armure (in Black and Classic variants), which run on a quality Eterna Calibre 3909A movement and have 100m water resistance. The Marmak line offers even more variety with both ladies’ and men’s watches. Of course, all of thier watches solve the issue gaskets, ensuring that they stay dry on the wrist for longer, and probably deeper. (VJ)


Innover, le chemin de la réussite

Aujourd’hui quand on parle d’innovation horlogère, on peut avoir différentes interprétations. Il y a ceux comme TAG Heuer qui pensent que la montre de demain sera connectée, jetable et chère ! Il y en a d’autres qui misent sur la technicité du mouvement mais il y a finalement assez peu de gens pour sortir des sentiers battus pour le boîtier en lui même. Ressemblances pour l’étanchéité à base de joints, design : la montre semble bloquée dans un conservatisme qui a de quoi lasser.

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