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Innovative watch engineering

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« Our production is EXCLUSIVELY limited to 600 pieces per year »

Our team

Christophe MUSY - Director / Co-founder Product development

Christophe MUSY

Director / Co-founder Product development

ERIC MAURON - President / Co-founder Executive machining


President / Co-founder Executive machining

Olivier BOVET - Sales & Marketing

Olivier BOVET

Sales & Marketing

Olivier CANTIN - Machining

Olivier CANTIN


Sarah TONIUTTI - Watchmaker



1.Research & development

R&D holds a substantial place at MAURON MUSY: rather than sourcing components via traditional watch industry circuits, the two engineers adopted the “100% Swiss Crafted” label right from the start.

From design to assembly via computer-assisted design (CAD) and machining, the majority of watch exterior components is developed and produced in-house. Even when this means developing new machines, notably when it comes to the nO-Ring® technology, which involves exceptional surface treatments. Also even when it means inventing new processes: the satin brushing of domed elements has for example been entirely revisited and improved, giving rise to an approach unique in its kind.

Mauron Musy - Research & development

2.Experimentation and testing

MAURON MUSY watches stem from cutting-edge experimentation and testing, often conducted for the first time in watchmaking.

The two independent and determined founders sometimes looked for solutions in other fields, such as general mechanical engineering, inventing as they went a range of new procedures and/or components. Resolutely free from any dogmatism, Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy have no hesitation in venturing beyond the borders of watchmaking as such, thereby sending a fresh breeze blowing through the entire sector. By way of example, the satellite compression spring that is part of the nO-Ring® technology called for 30 or so prototypes before taking on its definitive structure. In the same way, the aesthetic and technical finishing of the various elements involved extensive trials. Finally, the water-resistance tests, far more thorough than for a traditional watch, required the invention and development of dedicated devices unheard of in classic watch manufacturing facilities.

Mauron Musy - Experimentation and testing

3.Production and controls

Rather than outsourcing, the two founders have equipped the Manufacture with all the equipment required for in-house production.

The watch cases and their 36 elements involved in the nO-Ring® technology, as well as the dials, were all entirely produced on-site. Moreover, quality is a value on which the Maison refuses to compromise. Throughout the production process, each stage is regularly monitored. Be it the surface state of the elements ensuring mechanical water resistance, the physical integrity of components subject to powerful pressure, or the efficiency of the nO-Ring® technology, all components undergo hours of testing in order to meet the highest standards of excellence. Above and beyond the demands of ‘Swiss made’, MAURON MUSY watches bear the ‘Swiss Crafted’ label meaning that 100% of the components have been produced and assembled in Switzerland.

Mauron Musy - Production and controls

4.Assembly and adjustment

In addition to a research lab, a production unit and a test and control department, the Manufacture has its own assembly workshop.

Each highly specific component must be assembled with meticulous care – on the one hand to avoid damaging other components; and on the other so as to ensure perfect fitting with the nO-Ring® device.
Once Calibre 39 has been verified in each and every detail and cased-up, the watch ‘head’ (complete watch without its strap/bracelet) once again undergoes in-depth scrutiny, notably to ensure its power reserve and its water resistance. Before being dispatched to their new owners, all watches are subjected to several hours of testing designed to meet the highest standards of horological excellence.

Mauron Musy - Assembly and adjustment

5.Finished product and sales network

With the nO-Ring® technology, function becomes a design element in its own right. The specific characteristics of the water-resistance device are as practical as they are aesthetic.

The section-built case, the pinned caseback hinges, the distinctive lugs: all these features driven by technical considerations make MAURON MUSY watches immediately recognisable. A perfect example of industrial design.

Sophisticated, sturdy and equipped with unique technology, MAURON MUSY watches can be left on the wrist in any circumstances. Neither water, nor sunlight, nor snow nor sand can impair the intrinsic qualities of these exceptional models. Each watch is delivered with two straps: one in leather and the other in rubber. The brand is represented in around 15 points of sale in Asia – Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India; in Oceania – Australia; and in Europe, with Germany, England, Buglari, France and of course Switzerland. Online orders can also be placed via

Mauron Musy - Finished product and sales network

Our timepieces are 100% swiss crafted

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