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To protect your watch from damage, MAURON MUSY strongly recommends observing the following maintenance tips:

NO. 1

It is recommended that you wind your watch regularly to ensure it’s best running movement. If your watch has not been worn for some time and has stopped, it should be wound manually in clockwise direction fifty turns of the crown. After this, give it a reverse turn to set the crown free.

NO. 2

If your watch has been in either salt water or chlorine, be sure to wash it with some warm water and classic soap using a small toothbrush and a soft cloth. Then rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. By doing so, you will limit the abrasive or corrosive effects of both the chlorine and salt on your watch.

NO. 3

MAURON MUSY watches are equipped with the nO-Ring complication; the sealing characteristics are noted in the back of your watch. Please contact an authorized watch dealer for any leakage assessment.

NO. 4

Leather bracelets must be carefully tended to keep their beauty. Do not expose to water or moisture, as well as any corrosive materials such as perfumes or chemicals.

NO. 5

We are exposed to many sources of magnetic fields that can lead to a gain of excessive running or a complete stoppage of the watch. Be sure to keep your watch away from any magnetic fields since exposure to it is sufficient, in most cases, to completely demagnetize it.

NO. 6

A check from an authorized watchmaker should be done in case of shocks or abnormal use. A routine service every 7 years is recommended.

NO. 7

To set the time, turn the crown clockwise. Once the needles in place, turn the crown slightly back a few degrees. To change the date, it is strongly recommended not to perform this correction between 20H and 01H, for the operation could damage the mechanism.

NO. 8

Each watch MAURON MUSY is under guarantee for five years against defects in material and manufacturing potential that existed at the time of purchase. Please check the conditions of each application and the list of non-warranty exceptions in your certificate of origin and guarantee.

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